Saturday, June 6, 2009


I Love The Vibe Under The Night Sky...the energy that exist in the air during that time frame is indescribable. Right after leaving an event, or performance, or meeting, or studio session, taking the time to make a slow approach home let's me zone into my mind for a bit. And in that moment of traveling alone I gather such incredible motivation. I feel inspired, even more ambitious than I can bare (as if I need any more help in that department right). I'm connected to the universe in a measurable way, feeling like I'm the only one speaking with it right then and there, and as a result, whatever I put my mind to comes out ten times more potent, my vision seems ten times more greater, with perfected clarity.
There's just something about it, and whatever it is enhances me in every way. And people wonder why I always say sleep is optional. But don't get me wrong, there's nothing like recharging the batteries for a quick bit. But to be up and at it in the night shift, just enthralls my passion. Just In Case You Wanted To Know.